British Grocery Stores

There are various kinds of popular UK grocery stores. They can be found not only in the UK, but the USA, and online. There are four major grocery stores in the UK that represent more than 75.4% of the market. These 4 grocery stores include Tesco (30.5%), which is a publicly traded company on the stock exchange and the largest non-food retailer with 5 different outlet (Extra, Superstores, Metro, Express, and Homeplus) stores. The second is Asda (17.1%), which is a subsidiary of the American store, Wal-mart. Sainsbury (16.1%) is the third largest food retailer. They include local and central sites and are traded on the London Stock Exchange. Lastly, the Morrisons (11.7%), which has a total of 420 stores and once began as an egg and butter stall in Rawson Market, Bradford.

There is a British grocery store that has planted itself in the United States. For instance, a new company by the name of Fresh and Easy is being backed by the third largest retailer, Tesco. Fresh and Easy plans on surpassing Safeway in the number of retail grocery stores. Fresh and Easy has added about 59 stores this year. Their stores have an average size around 10,000 square feet. These stores are not meant to be flashy and are relatively modest in comparison to most retail stores. Fresh and Easy is trying to make its mark on the US West Coast, moving from California, to Arizona, and into Nevada.

Lastly, UK stores have really branched out with the amount of people they can serve. Large companies like Tesco and Sainsbury’s are breaking into a new kind of shopping, online shopping. They can find a whole other demographic, those that aren’t mobile. There are smaller companies that cater to Expats and HM Forces. They provide simple and affordable prices. Some of these great stores include,,,, and many more. These stores not only supply the UK, but the rest of the world. You can use promotional codes, earn reward points, and talk to an online representative to help you through the shopping process.

If you are from the UK or are a fan for cheap, cost effective healthy food, UK grocery stores can be found really anywhere around the world, even in your living room.